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Meet Dr. Mark Whitten

Dr. Mark WhittenDr. Mark Whitten is widely recognized as one of the nation's leading LASIK eye surgeons. He has experience going back more than thirty years and has performed over 130,000 LASIK procedures. It is certainly safe to say he has a great deal of experience. Hailing from Maryland and Virginia area he has built a reputation for being a technology leader and a surgeon with credibility. You may have even heard that he was selected as the LASIK surgeon for Tiger Woods

In addition to doing LASIK eye surgery he performs general ophthalmology services, cataract surgery and the implantable contact lens procedures using the new Visian ICL. The Visian ICL is a great solution for patients with high levels of nearsightedness also called myopia. If you have been told you are not a candidate for LASIK contact Dr. Mark Whitten for more information about ICL. Please take a moment to watch the video on this revolutionary lens implant product.

What is Dr. Mark Whitten's educational background?

Dr. Mark Whitten spent many years in training to be an ophthalmologist starting with his undergraduate degree which he earned at University of Virginia. He then went on to receive his medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia. Dr. Mark Whitten completed his residency at the Washington National Eye Center at Washington Hospital Center. In addition, Dr. Whitten completed a rotating internship at Riverside Hospital in Newport News, VA.

Additional Collegiate and Professional work includes:

1. Georgetown University and Washington Hospital Center, training doctors for their residency programs.

2. Dr. Whitten currently served as a clinical instructor for VISX.

3. Recognized by VISX as one of the top ten surgeons in laser vision correction.

4. Dr. Whitten has worked with many professional athletes, celebrities, and politicians.

Maryland LASIK surgery expert: Dr. Mark Whitten

Choosing a LASIK surgeon should be something that you research and spend some time on before just jumping in. There are many LASIK practices to choose from and each proclaim they are the best, with the best technology. With more than 30 years of great results, Dr. Mark Whitten and his staff have established a thriving practice built on the dedication of loyal patients, who then send in their family members and friends.

1. What is the amount of LASIK eye surgery that the surgeon has performed?
2. What is the LASIK technology platform?
3. is the LASIK surgeon a national LASIK leader?
4. Does your LASIK surgeon train other LASIK doctors?
5. Is the office atmosphere at the office professional?
6. Why is your LASIK safer?


Meet Dr. Whitten